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Cellular operators
    Secured Connectivity Layer
    Large Account Application Gateway
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Secured Connectivity Layer
Secured Connectivity Layer represents the infrastructure for establishing a two-way secured communications channel between the relevant information systems of an enterprise and the message distribution systems of a mobile operator. Such infrastructure enables cellular data communications between the client and enterprise. Cellact's secured connectivity layer includes an array of security features that are in accordance with regulatory demands.
Main features
  • Full exploitation of SMS protocol by dedicating unique features to serve enterprises
  • Overload management and traffic optimization per mobile operator
  • Single API for operator’s multiple protocols and feature-rich support
  • Support for SMS, MMS and WAP link notifications
  • Field-proven, telco-grade interface
Cellact’s mobile messaging solution is built around three-layered architecture, enabling flexible and modular assimilation of systems to meet the needs of an enterprise. The solution is comprised of off-the-shelf applications designed for enterprises, a management platform and secured connectivity infrastructure
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